Anatomy & Physiology eCourse



This home-study eCourse is built around a 36 credit, 13 NZQA unit standards and is a 360-hour level 5 course. (In Australia it meets the standards for the Diploma of Kinesiology HLT52415.) It satisfies the requirements for the IKC Touch for Health School and Professional School. It is clearly written, and all technical terms are explained. A marked Student Assessment Journal and final written online evaluation assure that learning outcomes have been achieved.

Students start by discovering the human organism on the chemical and cellular levels. They will then progress to studying tissue, organs, and the body’s systems as well as their functioning. Expected learning outcomes are to be able to describe in simple anatomical terms the respiratory, integumentary, urinary, cardiovascular, digestive, reproductive and nervous systems with special reference to the brain and senses; detail the human skeleton and types of joints; explain muscle structure as well as the origin, insertion and action of major muscles of the body.

As a non-examinable bonus, it teaches the use of medical terminology to assist communication with fellow workers and health professionals.
The content includes references to useful YouTube videos and other websites with great 3D modelling to further enhance learning.


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